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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

It’s only evident as well as natural to acknowledge that as soon as people are arrested and charged for driving under the influence, they want to know how to get out of it. There really isn’t a single proven answer to this question being that driving under the influence is considered a criminal offense. In case you’ve been arrested and charged with DUI, you’re certainly going to have to go through a criminal trial and even certain administrative hearings in order to discuss your driving privileges further in case you aren’t able to make a plea bargain.

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Making an attempt to handle just about all of these proceedings on your own is what’s most likely the single best way for you to lose both your criminal case as well as your driving privileges at the same time. Also if you decide to work with an attorney that doesn’t specialize in DUI, you’re basically risking your freedom and reputation as well being that being convicted can result in jail time. The absolute best way for you to get out of DUI is by hiring an attorney that will defend you against a DUI charge.

1. Getting out of driving under the influence charges – Case preparation:

It’s no secret that people keep thinking about how to get out of DUI right from the start of their cases. And if you’d like to get out of DUI, you might want to consult your lawyer and try to find out whether or not a plea agreement is available at the time.

In some instances you might be able to plead guilty to some of the lesser charges and then be sentenced to reduced punishment. And in case you aren’t able to make a plea agreement, your case will still proceed on to trial and you could face the full range of penalties if found guilty of the charges.

2. The trial:

If for any reason you weren’t able to establish a plea agreement, you’re probably aware that a criminal trial is bound to be scheduled. What’s most likely the best way for you to avoid being sentenced is to hire a qualified lawyer. As soon as you have a DUI attorney on your side, you also gain the privilege of having expert witnesses as well as additional information which could have a major impact upon your case.

Your lawyer will be able to use expert witnesses in order to refute certain testimony or even go as far as showing that the chemical results were invalid or unreliable. And if you’re working with a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer you’ll notice that their experience in the field of law is also the reason why they have access to these expert witnesses.

Yet another benefit to hiring a DUI lawyer is that they could potentially find extra information which can turn out to be helpful during your trial. You’ll most likely lose out on certain benefits to having a DUI lawyer if you choose to work with a public defender.

3. Driving privileges & administrative hearings:

In order for you to be able to determine the status of your driving privileges as soon as you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, you’ll have to attend certain administrative hearings. And even though driving is a thing the majority of people have always taken for granted, regions around the world consider it a privilege and not an absolute right.

Consult your lawyer as to whether or not you could appeal the license suspension so that you can continue to drive all the way up to the point when your criminal trial begins. Also your lawyer will have to prepare you for the appeal hearing as well. One thing to take in consideration if you’d like to retain your driving privileges is to let your attorney speak during these hearings on your behalf so that you stand a better chance at it. Your lawyer should know exactly what to say and how to handle the entire case simply due to their experience.

4. Sentencing:

By this point you most likely are aware that there is no way for you to get out of DUI itself if you’ve already been convicted, however, there is still a way for you to be able to minimize the punishment which is about to be imposed. And before the sentencing takes place you can simply let your attorney do the talking so that the judge is able to hear and acknowledge the unique circumstances surrounding your case.

For instance, the lawyer might inform the judge that you have a certain disability or that you are responsible for caring of a parent of yours. And if your lawyer handles this correctly and manages to display the fact that your absence would create a hardship for others, the judge might turn out to be kind enough to sentence you to other penalties such as probation or even alcohol education as opposite to jail time.

Finally, the absolute best way for an individual to battle a case of driving under the influence is by hiring a good qualified lawyer. These are the type of professionals that possess a very specific skill set you’re in need of as well as the experience in handling DUI cases in a successful manner. They’ll know exactly how to present your defense in most situations and even though no one can guarantee a victory, having a DUI lawyer on your side is bound to make a world of difference for your case in particular!