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A guide that I hope will help you will find informative in your business and legal dealings.

About Me

Hi, my name is Josh and while I attended College with the idea of pursuing a law degree but family business pulled me in another direction.

I come from a large family and as in most families we’ve had our highs and lows. My father started a company 40 years ago that now has offices in both Canada and the USA.

I’ll be writing about a number of different areas of law and business as a result of personal experiences I have encountered, either through family, friends or co-workers.

For the vast majority of the people, law is a very complex and confusing subject and the purpose of my site is to try and help people navigate through the legal maze. As for business, I’ve seen so many promising ideas and start-ups with a great deal of cash, all fizzle out.

Starting your own business is not for the faint of heart and I’ll try to give my thoughts on why some succeed and most fail.

I’ve had a real interest in building my own website but never the time, till now and what better topic to talk about then law and business (in my opinion).

While I grew up in Canada, I’ve had the opportunity to live in various parts of the USA for a number of years, including Seattle and Chicago.

While there are many legal and business similarities in both countries, there are also some differences, which I’ll try to explain.

I’ll also be talking ‘lawyers’ and some of things one should be aware of before hiring one.

For many reasons, I will not be divulging our family business or name and I hope that you can respect this privacy.

I hope you’ll find something useful and will drop by often. You can reach me at